Aug 1, 2014 | | Glenview, Il
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

DentiStar definitely stands up to its promise, Simply Superior Dentistry! I went in for a annual check-up and was very impressed with its new technology and equipment. New office is clean, location is great, staff is friendly and best of all Dr. Shin knows what he’s doing! After my initial check-up I went in for a filling and as expected, Dr. Shin was flawless. Also after all the great services that I received, I was able to convince my Mother (shes the type to wait until she can’t bare the pain anymore) to go in for a checkup/cleaning. She was impressed with Dr. Shin’s services/skills that after she was done, she started recommending to her friends of DentiStar. I highly recommend DentiStar to anyone who’s had a bad experience at a dentist, Dr. Shin will make you feel welcome and do whats best for you!

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