About DentiStar

Welcome to DentiStar. Dentistry made simple, enjoyable, and transparent. A refreshing new approach to Dentistry.

At DentiStar, come experience superior dentistry catered to your needs, at reasonable fees… Because you and your family are worth it 🙂

DentiStar Philosophy

As a dentist, and through DentiStar, my wish is to not only treat, but provide healing to our patients.

To Heal is whole, all consuming, and comprehensive. I believe it must incorporate a balance of seven elements. Patience, honesty, humility; knowledge, experience, skill; and lastly, love.

The first three elements, are a lifelong work in progress. Through faith, through successes and failures, and through a revolving role as a son to a husband to a father, it’s a continual cycle and a process to reach maturity as a person.

The second set of three elements I accumulated the last 10 years through serving as a dental student doctor, dental outreach/ ministries, different associations and continuing education courses, and practicing as an associate.

However, to encompass all the prior six elements together I needed to love. Love of my profession, love of my patients and love of my office. It’s a culmination and beginning of a dream ten years in the making. I am proud, thankful, and blessed to introduce to you: DentiStar.

At DentiStar, we heal with you in mind.

DentiStar Concept

Words used to conceptualize the DentiStar office are: calm, clean, sophisticated, refreshing, yet warm and welcoming. I envisioned DentiStar to represent the season Spring. A time of re-creation, a time of hope, and beginning of warmth. A new infusion of state of the art technology with personalized care, in a warm and welcoming environment. A simpler, superior way to experience dentistry.


Whether you are in need of cosmetic dentistry, implants, dentures, or any other dental service, DentiStar is here to help you. We have faithfully served customers in the Glenview area time and time again, and look forward to providing you with world-class service from a team who genuinely care for you and your dental needs. If you are in need of dental work, we work with precision and an eye for detail to ensure you receive the results you want. We also take the time to consult with you prior to any major dental work being done to make sure you are as comfortable and as confident with the process as we are. To find out more about our dental services, call us at 224-938-9417 today!

Why Choose Us?

  • State-Of-The-Art Modern Office
  • Free Orthodontic and Dental Implant Consultations
  • Interest Free Financing Available
  • Special Discounts for private patients