About DentiStar of Glenview

About DentiStar

Welcome to DentiStar. Dentistry made simple, enjoyable, and transparent. A refreshing new approach to Dentistry.

At DentiStar, come experience superior dentistry catered to your needs, at reasonable fees… Because you and your family are worth it 🙂

DentiStar Philosophy

As a dentist, and through DentiStar, my wish is to not only treat, but provide healing to our patients.

To Heal is whole, all consuming, and comprehensive. I believe it must incorporate a balance of seven elements. Patience, honesty, humility; knowledge, experience, skill; and lastly, love.

The first three elements, are a lifelong work in progress. Through faith, through successes and failures, and through a revolving role as a son to a husband to a father, it’s a continual cycle and a process to reach maturity as a person.

The second set of three elements I accumulated the last 10 years through serving as a dental student doctor, dental outreach/ ministries, different associations and continuing education courses, and practicing as an associate.

However, to encompass all the prior six elements together I needed to love. Love of my profession, love of my patients and love of my office. It’s a culmination and beginning of a dream ten years in the making. I am proud, thankful, and blessed to introduce to you: DentiStar.

At DentiStar, we heal with you in mind.

DentiStar Concept

Words used to conceptualize the DentiStar office are: calm, clean, sophisticated, refreshing, yet warm and welcoming. I envisioned DentiStar to represent the season Spring. A time of re-creation, a time of hope, and beginning of warmth. A new infusion of state of the art technology with personalized care, in a warm and welcoming environment. A simpler, superior way to experience dentistry.

Why Choose Us?

  • Beautiful, Bright, and Modern Office
  • We Use the Latest Dental Technologies
  • Free Orthodontic and Dental Implant Consultations
  • Our Staff Speaks Spanish, and Korean
  • Financing Available
  • Special Discounts for private patients